Simple. Efficient. Immediate.


The portable and battery powered RhinoChill® System achieves cooling by using compressed air/oxygen to spray a liquid coolant, into the patient’s nostrils with a catheter.

The coolant vaporizes against the upper surface of the nasal cavity and absorbs heat from the tissue. As this tissue supplies the brain with blood, this results in a strong, adequate and rapid cooling effect on the brain. Clinical trials in Europe (PRINCE and PRINCESS studies) have demonstrated that RhinoChill® was able to lower the patient’s temperature several hours sooner than alternative practices in use at intensive care units.
Easily carried by medical personnel, stored in EMS vehicles
Ease of Use
Set-up within 2 minutes & no preparation required
No risk of severe side effects
Reduction of 2°C of brain temperature within 45 minutes
Within 60 minutes
2.6°C brain & 1.6°C core temperature reduction

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