About BrainCool

BrainCool AB (publ) is an innovative medical device company specializing in the development, marketing, and sale of leading medical cooling systems.

Our product portfolio includes the BrainCool™ System, Cooral® System, and RhinoChill® System, offering a unique range of medical cooling solutions. The combination of the BrainCool™ and RhinoChill® Systems provides the only comprehensive care solution from pre-hospital to patient discharge.

Cooral® System offers a groundbreaking solution for  improving patients' quality of life and presents healthcare providers with an effective means of oral mucositis reduction.


Jon Berg

CEO since 2024
COO since 2023
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Jon holds an engineering degree from the Faculty of Engineering at LTH with a specialization in energy engineering. He has an impressive background, boasting 25 years of experience in the medical device industry. During this time, he served as Development Manager for both Gambro AB and Atos Medical AB.

Holdings: 225,000 shares

Lotta Valfridsson

CFO since 2023
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Lotta has a diploma in accounting from Stockholm University of Business. She has worked in the accounting field in a number of different roles including Financial Manager at Bona AB and Woody Bygghandel, Accounting Manager at Mekonomen Group AB and Controller at Smurfit Kappa AB.

Holdings: 222,220 shares

Christian Strand

Head of Distribution & Sales
Since 2024
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Christian holds a Chemical Engineering degree and an Executive Master of Business &  Administration from Lund University . He has 15 years experience working internationally in the life sciences and medical device industry. During this time, he has also served as Interim CEO for PolarCool AB and Area Sales Manager for Dignitana and CMA Microdialysis.
Holdings: 68,924 shares

Thomas Falk

CTO since 2021
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Thomas holds a MSc Engineering degree from the University of Kristianstad, specializing in Polymer Technology. With over 18 years of experience in International Research and Development, the last 10 years were dedicated exclusively to the medical device industry. He has held senior positions at esteemed medical device companies, including Arjo and Stryker (formerly Jolife – Lucas device). In 2021, he became the CTO at Prosta Lund before joining BrainCool.

Hakan Hümmet

Quality Assurance Director since 2021
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Hakan holds a Pharmacology degree from the University of Gothenburg and has amassed over 10 years of experience as a quality manager in the medical device industry. He became part of BrainCool team in 2017 and earned a promotion to Quality Assurance Director in 2021. Before joining BrainCool, Hakan served in clinical and quality roles at Dignitana, gaining valuable expertise within the medical device industry.

Mohammad Fazel

Head of Clinical Studies since 2018
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Mohammad earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario, Canada in 2014. His research focused on brain cooling technology and optical brain thermometry techniques. With over 14 years of experience in medical device development, he has led innovative projects targeting cardiovascular diseases and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. Mohammad joined the BrainCool management team in 2018.

Board of Directors

Hans Henriksson

Chairman of the Board | Board member since 2014
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Hans has extensive experience from global pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in various positions with a focus on business development and corporate governance. He has extensive experience in business operations in Asian markets, especially Japan, China and South Korea. Hans is considered independent in relation to the Company's major shareholders but dependent in relation to the Company and company management. Other ongoing assignments: Board member in HANOVA Healthcare Development AB.

Holdings: 576,350 shares

Oscar Engellau

Board member since 2023
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Oscar, co-founder and co-owner of Bolite Bostäder Holding AB, holds an economics degree from the Stockholm School of Economics with a finance specialization. With 17 years of experience, including six years as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank/Barclays Capital in London, he has been actively involved in running Bolite Bostäder for the past nine years. Oscar is considered independent in relation to the Company, its management, and major shareholders. His other ongoing roles include board member and CEO positions within the Bolite Group, as well as a board member of Thantor AB.Holdings: 6,595,309 shares through Bolite Invest AB

Jens Lindberg

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Jens, born in 1971, has 25 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry with responsibilities within and outside Sweden and has a proven track-record developing and commercialization products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, USA and has held several senior positions at Astra Zeneca plc and as acting CEO of Sedana Medical AB. Currently, he is the CEO of Medivir AB. He is considered independent in relation to the company, its management and the company's major shareholders.

Holdings: 0 shares.

Klaus Bratlie

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Klaus, born in 1962, holds an MSc from the Aarhus School of Economics, Denmark, with a focus on strategy, management and marketing. He has many years of entrepreneurial experience both nationally and internationally and has been a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has also been a consultant in strategy and management. He is considered independent in relation to the company, its management and the company's major shareholders.

Holdings: 6,417,370 shares through "Björn Bratlie AS"

Michelle Hessius

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Michelle, born in 1985, is an experienced and reputable lawyer with a law degree from Uppsala University. She specializes in, among other things, M&A, and has extensive experience in financing issues as well as general company law. Currently, she is a partner of Walthon Advokater AB, as well as a member of the Swedish Bar Association. She is considered independent in relation to the company, its management and the company's major shareholders.

Holdings: 0 shares

BrainCool AB serves as the parent company of the BrainCool Group, which includes fully owned subsidiaries such as BrainCool Inc (USA), CoolPrevent AB, and IQool Technologies AB.