• Roger Henriksson

    - by BrainCool123

    Professor and Chief Physician in Oncology Board member since 2018 Born 1953 During 2012 -2018 Roger Henriksson was head of…

  • Mats Forsman

    - by BrainCool123

    Director of the Board MSc Born 1947 Board member since 2014 Mats Forsman has a background in senior production and…

  • Bengt Furberg

    - by BrainCool123

    M.D., Ph.D. Board member since 2014 Born 1941 Bengt Furberg has extensive experience in life science industries, including 10 years…

  • Jens Kinnander

    - by BrainCool123

    Chairman of the Board Attorney, partner at Delphi law firm, LLM and MSc in Business and Economics Born 1972 Board…

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