Roger Henriksson

Roger Henriksson

Professor and Chief Physician in Oncology

Board member since 2018

Born 1953

During 2012 -2018 Roger Henriksson was head of the Regional Cancer Center Stockholm / Gotland and in the county council of the healthcare in Stockholm County Council. He was recruited from the position as Head  and chief physician at Radiumhemmet Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm (2009-2012). He has been Vice President of Stratcan, a network of cancer research at Karolinska, and is a member of the Board of Cancer Center Karolinska. In addition, Roger Henriksson has also served as a senior advisor to AstraZeneca both at the international and national level and for many years been a member of the Regional Medicine Committee as well as advisors to a number of authorities in the cancer field.

Roger Henriksson has published more than 370 publications in highly rated journals such as Nature Genetics, JCO, New England Journal of Medicine, and Lancet Oncology and has received a number of scientific awards.