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The Cooral® System – a unique preventive treatment that protects the oral mucosa

The Cooral® System is a novel and unique medical cooling solution for preventive treatment of the painful and debilitating inflammatory condition oral mucositis (OM), a very common adverse effect of chemotherapy and radiation that affects approximately 80 percent of patients. The product has no competitor on the market today. The administration of local, preventive cooling can slow down metabolism and reduce or prevent the development of mucositis. There is an unmet medical need for methods that offer more control than the practices currently in use (such as ice-based cryotherapy).

Results from the randomized trial showed severe OM occurred in fewer than 10% of the cases tested with Cooral® System.

For patients with lymphoma, use of the Cooral®System showed vastly improved prevention of OM and was significantly more effective when compared to the conventional method with ice [Oral Mucositis Assessment Scale (OMAS) mean total 1.77 vs 3.08; p = 0.047].

As for patient-reported tolerability, both diagnostic groups (myeloma and lymphoma), reported a statistically significant higher degree of tolerability when Cooral® was used as compared with Ice [p = 0.020].

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