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BrainCool AB strengthens its organization


This press release is a translation of the Swedish press release “141203 BrainCool AB Förstärker organisation”, in case of any discrepancies, the Swedish version will apply. BrainCool AB has strengthened its organization with two positions during the autumn, one position in systems development and quality, and one doctoral candidate in the business area oral mucositis. Jens Hultman, Systems Architect, has most recently had an assignment for Dignitana, where he acted as support for design control documentation for their FDA / PMA application. Jens has previous experience of roles as senior project leader with Gambro, Ericson and Telia, and has broad experience of systems development and medical approval processes. Java Walladbegi is employed as a Ph.D. / doctoral candidate at the Sahlgrenska Academy (conducting a study entitled “Cryotherapy in prevention of oral mucositis”), with 50% finance from Brain Cool. CEO Martin Waleij comments The recruitment of Jens Hultman is in line with the company’s strategy to perform the majority of our validation, verification and technical documentation for the medical authorities internally. This will give the company more control over development and minimize consultancy costs radically. Jens has formerly worked with our development manager Jon Berg at Gambro. By having internal responsibility for the majority of the documentation for CE marking, we will shorten the time for approval of our products and pursue development in a more cost-effective way. Within the organization we now have broad experience of product registration in Europe, the USA and China. We view this as a great advantage because enabling to reach and approve the products in these markets in-house. We will initially register products for the European market. Afterwards we will start registration on the other markets. In Oral Mucositis (“OM”) we have been collaborating since September with Java Walladbegi on a four-year Ph.D. / doctoral project with Mats Jontell as supervisor. We are thinking long-term with our business area in OM, and we intend to build strong science around our product offer, in order to facilitate a broad implementation in health care. The tests we have carried out have been positive, and our first studies on healthy volunteers will be presented next year at the international MASCC meeting on 25–27 June in Copenhagen (, where we will also present our product. By then the product will be under testing in clinical studies on patients. For further information: Martin Waleij - CEO Telephone: 0733–93 70 76 E-mail: